International State of the State

Save the date for Monday, October 5, 2015 for the 11th Annual International State of the State.

Traditions are comforting and significant. Each year the Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations has been pleased to provide the Metro Phoenix area with a valuable public platform to discuss the International State of OUR State. Currently all 50 states face complex dilemmas internally and Arizona is no exception. Our Arizona family, our businesses and our legislators face unprecedented challenges, both internally and externally, and we empathize with the energy required to find common ground.

In the International State of the State event, our program looks outward from metro Phoenix to the world in an examination of our state as a global partner. What are our challenges and benefits? What are the pressures and issues?

Arizona, with its unique geography and climate, outstanding innovative educational institutions and its willing workforce is ready to participate in a robust, multilateral, reciprocal exchange of ideas, of goods and services and of good will. The Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations is pleased to act as catalyst.

Our gratitude to our Panelists, and to our outstanding collaborating organizations whose participation demonstrates their understanding of a worldwide need for cooperation. 

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